PMDD warrior: tired of feeling blah?

What if You Felt Empowered, Strong and In Control of Your Health?

Yes, it's possible - even if you're struggling with severe pre-menstrual symptoms.

In The Tribe Fitness Club, I'll show you how you can feel (and look) your best, without...

  • Spending hours in the gym
  • Cutting out all your favorite foods
  • Being a slave to cardio

Building strength is magical. It's food for the soul.

It's the difference between going through the motions and feeling capable and in control.

As a PMDD warrior, strength is at the heart of how we thrive.

You're in the right place if you want to feel powerful in your skin.

You know that this fitness thing takes work, but every time you tried your hand at it you ended up more overwhelmed, confused, and yearning to feel more like you.

You're tired of spinning your wheels every month, feeling on top of the world for two weeks at a time... only to have the rug pulled right from underneath you again.

You already know a healthy lifestyle plays a key role in managing PMDD and living your best life, but where do you even begin?

It starts with finding a health and fitness approach that works for you - not the other way around.

It's time to flip the script.

This is not about reinventing the wheel. It's about filtering out the noise so you can work hard at the things that matter.

It's discovering and re-discovering the warrior inside you.

Enter The Tribe Fitness Club.

war·ri·or /ˈwôrēər/

a (brave) person engaged in some struggle or conflict

What the heck is 'The Tribe'?

The Tribe is, in the simplest terms, a cool-kids club for PMDD warriors who want to get stronger and feel their best.

It's a 12-week fitness program unlike any other on the market, built specifically for people like you.

Inside, you'll get access to resources, coaching, and community support to get you to where you want to be without the headaches of trial and error.

The Tribe is a balance of structure, direction and clarity.

It's everything you need to keep making strides towards a healthier, stronger you

Look, I know exactly what it's like to try everything under the sun just to feel a like yourself before your period.

You're tired of feeling like a failure.

I'm not here to tell you it's an easy road ahead. Hell, there are days when I still struggle to show up for myself.

In the end, getting in the driver's seat of your health is a deliberate choice.

But it doesn't have to be complicated.

That's what The Tribe is about.

The Tribe was built specifically to help you…

  • Spend less time in the gym while getting better results
  • Feel strong and confident in your own body
  • Manage PMDD symptoms so you feel like yourself more days out of the month
  • Lose weight and get in the best shape of your life
  • Eat better, not less, so you never have to worry about restrictions again
  • Keep showing up for yourself - even on days when you don't feel like it

The Tribe is equal parts community and strength education.

It’s built upon principles you’ll keep coming back to again and again. 

During our twelve weeks together, you'll piece these principles together and come up with your own fitness and health blueprint. A blueprint that:

  • Empowers you
  • You can rely on in the throes of a PMDD funk
  • Sets you up for realistic and sustainable results

Before we go any further, allow myself to introduce... myself.

Hi there, I'm Barbara. I'm a fitness and health coach, creator of Rise Above PMDD, and I'd happily eat sushi every day of my life if I could.

As a PMDD warrior, I know how frustrating it is to keep coming short of your fitness goals. 

I've also seen first-hand just how big of an impact exercise and strength training have had on my symptom management.

It's why I created Rise Above PMDD in the first place.

The secret lies in learning how to work with your cycle - not against it.

By leveraging the power of your hormones, you can make the best out of a crappy situation. It’s all in how you choose to play the cards you were dealt.

That, my friend, is the essence of The Tribe.

The Tribe is born out of a need for an effective yet equally sustainable fitness approach for PMDD warriors

  • A sustainable approach does NOT require you to cut out entire food groups
  • It also shouldn't leave you feeling beat up, burnt out, or sore for days at a time
  • It shouldn't be hard to adapt into your lifestyle, and it certainly shouldn't restrict you from eating the foods you love

You'll know you've found the strategy for you when it invigorates your days, and makes you excited to show up.

That's not only what you want - but it's what you need.

And, if you've tried your hand at this fitness game but have failed to make it stick, it could be because you simply haven't found a strategy that works for you.

Before we move on, let's go over some of the myths that surround fitness and strength training.

Fitness Myth #1:

Lifting weights won't help you lose weight. You should be doing more cardio instead.

Boy, oh boy.

This is absolutely untrue.

In fact, not only does strength training help you lose weight, it's a much more effective way of shedding those excess pounds than by doing cardio alone.

Let me explain.

There's a difference between losing weight and losing fat.

Cardio and calorie-restriction help you lose weight, but they do nothing to enhance your body shape or to help you look great naked.

Losing fat, on the other hand, is all about getting rid of the fluff to create muscle definition and tone.

The only way to do the latter is by incorporating some type of weight training into your life.

When combined with a sensible diet, lifting weights improves your metabolism, zaps your fat storage, and keeps you looking thicc, solid, tight.

And you do want to look thicc, solid, and tight, don't you?

Fitness Myth #2:

Lifting weights will make you bulky.

Nope. And I'll explain why with a simple analogy:

Not lifting weights because you're scared of getting bulky is like not learning how to drive because you're scared you'll end up in a F1 car.

Dramatic? I think not.

To put it simply, the level of muscularity some people fear doesn't happen by accident. It's a a result of years of regimented training and diet, which are specifically dialed in to produce those very results.

Lifting weights provides the stimulus - but it's your diet and overall lifestyle that dictates how far that stimulus will go in getting you the results you want (or don't want).

Fitness Myth #3:

Working out is time-consuming.

It can be, but it absolutely doesn't have to be.

In fact, if you're doing things right, you should be able to see great results without spending hours and hours in the gym.

Quality and efficiency rule. When you're dealing with PMDD, the last thing you want is to tie yourself to a 5- or 6-day per week workout plan.

Time is of the essence. Even if you love working out, you need a plan that allows you to spend as little time in the gym as possible, so you can stay consistent even when you least feel like it.

That's exactly how we do it inside The Tribe Fitness Club.

With as few as three hours of training per week, you'll see better results than you ever have... and have more time for yourself, your family, your work, or whatever else you'd rather be spending time on.

Why Are You Not Seeing Results, Even Though You Work So Hard?

Why is it that so many women continue to spin their wheels, year in and year out, without seeing the results they want?

It's because they're focusing on the wrong things.

In the fitness space, you're exposed to all sorts of "hacks" and "tips" to get you moving in the right direction, and they all promise big, shiny goals on the horizon.

But these things don't really help much. Not until you've mastered the foundational principles that move the needle in your favor the most.

Let me be as clear as possible: most of the things you see on the 'gram or Facebook, including the latest diets, workout trends, or supplements... are actually keeping you stuck.

What's The Solution Then?

There is a way to get unstuck - a better way to do things.

In fact, the principles The Tribe Fitness Club is built upon probably won't be new to you.

Losing weight, feeling strong, and doing the whole #fitness thing isn't easy. But it's actually pretty damn simple.

There are a few things you need if you want to make it far in this game.

They are...

1. Structure

Or, as I often refer to it, having a routine.

Routine is everything if you want to achieve any type of goal. Wanting it is not enough, you need to put in the reps if you wish to see any substantial outcome.

2. Accountability and Support

You're only as strong as your support system.

A trusted mentor, a workout buddy, a supportive partner, or a group of friends that share similar goals are all ways in which you can get accountability and support.

3. Flexibility

When sh*t hits the fan (which, let's face it, it often does), will your plan hold up... or will it flop?

A flexible plan allows you to ebb and flow with the natural ups and downs of life.

Rigidity doesn't work. Strict diets don't work.

And one-size-fits-all approaches definitely don't work.

4. Challenge

Growth is about adaptation. 

We adapt when we overcome challenges that are marginally greater than we've conquered before.

The same applies in in fitness.

If you're always doing the same thing, lifting the same weights, training at the same ol' intensity, it doesn't matter how dialed in those other three building blocks are. You'll be spinning your wheels and getting absolutely nowhere.

But challenge is a funny thing. Too little and there's no advancement. Too much of it and you risk failing before ever taking off.

Which is why finding a suitable strategy is SO important if you want to make it far.

The Tribe Is For You If:

  • You want, in the simplest terms, control over your life
  • You're tired of letting PMDD symptoms hold you hostage, and you want to feel good more than just two weeks out of the month
  • You're done riding the fitness rollercoaster, and want to find a long-term solution that truly works for you
  • You want a leaner, stronger, and healthier body... and a kick-ass state-of-mind to go with it all
  • You want to set a good example for your family
  • You're willing to put in the work to step into the strongest version of yourself

If you're ready to get off the fitness rollercoaster and start seeing results that last, now's the time to get started!

Warning: The Tribe is NOT a quick fix.

I'd be doing you a huge disservice if I pretended this is the easy road.

Truthfully, anything worth having requires hard work. 

(And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is full of it.)

Unfortunately, it's easier to sell "easy" than it is to tell it like it is.

"Easy" comes in many ways. It's the templates, hacks, tips, tricks, shortcuts, secrets, and loopholes that promise the world - but end up leaving you right where you started.

This isn’t how we do things.

The Tribe provides you the road map. But it's entirely up to you to follow it and do the work.

The Tribe IS:

  • A place where everyone gets to be one of the cool kids, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or age
  • Individual and group coaching, so you never have to figure things out on your own again
  • A path to the strongest version of you

The Tribe is NOT for you if...

  • You're drinking the "30-days to a sexier body" Kool-aid and expecting magic results overnight
  • You're more interested in chasing the new bright and shiny things instead of doing the things that actually get results.
  • You don't like puppies. (Um, okay weirdo. Go away.)

What's Included in the Program

  • Three strength-focused workouts per week, delivered inside TrueCoach
  • Access to private Facebook community (this is where the magic happens!)
  • Access to exclusive live trainings, expert presentations, Q+As, and more
  • Ongoing guidance and support
  • Form and technique feedback inside our private community
  • ...and MUCH more!

Here's what some of my previous clients have said about working with me.

Barbara is super friendly and takes time to make you feel comfortable no matter what fitness level and background you're coming from. Most importantly, her approach is sustainable and the foundational knowledge she provides is easily translated into an ongoing healthy lifestyle. Besides helping me get into shape (and lose 30 pounds), Barb definitely helped me get over my intimidation of knowing my way around a gym

Iryna G.

Knowing that my trainer is dedicated in her own training and education makes me feel comfortable that I am working with the right person. I have seen such great results and I know Barbara is helping me gain a lifestyle versus a quick fix.

Jackie C.

Barbara treats me as an important client and friend, and truly wants me to attain my goals as much as I do. She sincerely cares.

Angie N.

I started off not knowing too much about health and fitness, and that’s where Barb was so awesome and full of knowledge that I needed. She has answered every silly question I’ve had and has pushed me when I needed it the most.

Jolene T.

Barbara was incredibly helpful and encouraging in helping me reach my fitness goals. She's extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.

Krystle C

Barbara is knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, fun to train with. Training with her I have gained confidence, strength and awareness. She truly cares about her client’s success and that’s what I admire most about her.

Dorraine M.

Having fitness goals that you don't know how to reach can be tough. Barb showed me that hard work and the science of exercise and nutrition are on my side.

Cathy D.

Barbara is a wonderful trainer who really wants to see her clients succeed in their fitness and health goals.

Sara A.

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Is this a weight-loss program?

It's anything you want it to be.

Okay, I'm partially kidding. If you want to lose weight, this program will certainly help you do that.

But, first and foremost, The Tribe will help you build strength and muscle. Whatever body composition goals you have (losing weight, gaining muscle, etc) can be dialed in through your nutrition - which is something we'll work on together.

I don't identify as a woman but I have PMDD. Can I join your program?

Absolutely! The Tribe welcomes anyone who struggles with PMDD/PMS and wants to step into their best selves.

I don't have PMDD, but I'd love to be a part of The Tribe. Am I in the right place?

Even if you don't relate to any of the PMDD struggles, The Tribe will still provide you with accountability, direction and structure so you can make the most of your strength journey.

Although some of the topics covered in the modules lean towards PMDD-specific challenges (such as cravings and pre-menstrual sleep dysfunction), all of the education content will be useful to any woman looking to improve her fitness and health.

What makes this program special? There isn't exactly a short supply of fitness coaching services.

Both nothing and everything. I'll let you choose.

The problem with most women-centered approaches to fitness is they usually lean too far to either extreme:

Women are either treated as little men, with little (or absolutely zero) disregard to the challenges they face throughout the menstrual cycle...

...or they're viewed as delicate flowers, and actively discouraged from doing the things that have been shown, time and again, to create lasting results.

That's where The Tribe comes in.

Striking that balance between effective and sustainable is at the core of how we do what we do.

More importantly, The Tribe is built upon fundamental principles that can be learned, applied, and improved over time to create a fitness strategy that truly works for you.

It combines my best thinking of nearly a decade of experience helping women step into their strongest selves, with unique strategies to help PMDD warriors navigate the challenges they routinely face.

If that's not special enough, I don't know what is.

I work out at home. What kind of equipment will I need?

My goal with this program is to make it accessible to nearly everyone.

All you'll need is a reclining bench and a pair of heavy-ish dumbbells. If you have multiple dumbbells and more equipment, that's even better.

If "heavy-ishisn't specific enough for ya, I suggest you start with a pair of 15 lbs - though a set of adjustable dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs all the way up to 25 lbs (or heavier) would be ideal.

If you don't have that equipment, feel free to ask for exercise suggestions in the group and I'll be happy to give you my recommended alternatives.

Okay, give me the tea. What exactly is inside the program?

Thought you'd never ask!

The Tribe strength program runs for 12-weeks. It's a 3-day per week plan that you can perform at home with minimal equipment.

We have our Facebook community, where you can post any questions you have, get community support, hold discussions, and keep yourself accountable. This is also where you can drop your workout clips for form feedback.

Inside the Facebook group, you'll have access to exclusive live trainings and Q+As on topics ranging from nutrition to strength training, practical lifestyle tips, expert interviews, and much more.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to hit me up or schedule a free call.